Acoustic Panels

An essential component of any modern commercial interior, acoustic panelling products control reverberated noise making spaces more comfortable and efficient. Our acoustic panels are not just highly effective but also look great and can contribute to any interior design statement.

You’ll find a range of products to suit many different environments and all with different size and colour options. As always, if you don’t see exactly what you need please contact us with your requirements. We couldn’t possibly list all our the potential options so if you have a particular aesthetic in mind then please tell us more about the project.

Our Acoustic Panels are used in many different environments, including:

  • Offices – to increase staff productivity and reduce distractions
  • Factories – to comply with safety legislation and improve working conditions
  • Schools – to improve learning standards and speech intelligibility
  • Music venues – to improve sound quality and audience experience
  • Retail Environments – to make spaces more welcoming, leading to higher revenues
  • Recording Studios – to improve the sound quality of recordings
  • Community Halls – to bring noise levels under control

We are ready to advise you on your particular application and can offer a range of consultancy and installation services if required.

Please click the links below for more information on the acoustic products in this category.

Acoustic Panelling Fabric Stretch Track Classroom And Corridor EQ Gym Panel Spectrum Cube Absorbers
Acoustic Fabric Stretch Track Classroom And Corridor EQ Gym Panel Spectrum Cube Absorbers
Spectrum Tough Tile Spectrum Acoustic Panelling
Spectrum Tough Tile Spectrum Acoustic Panelling
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