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We are EQ Acoustics, an Acoustics and Sound Proofing Company based in the United Kingdom.

We are particularly experienced in audio acoustics and our team of qualified engineers comprises musicians, recording engineers and construction experts. We have been involved with the construction and acoustic treatment of hundreds of recording studios, music facilities, cinemas and live venues.

We also have a wealth of experience improving acoustics in offices, schools, homes, retail premises, restaurants and community buildings.

Our primary role is as a manufacturer and supplier of acoustics products, including acoustic panelling, bass traps and innovative sound proofing products. We offer a comprehensive range of standard products, all of which are available directly from ourselves and many are available through our resellers.

Many of our standard products can be altered to fulfil any requirement in our Custom Shop. If you need a product in a particular size, colour, finish or design, you can rely on us to make things easy for you, and at very little extra cost.

We also design and manufacture acoustic products from scratch, undertaking acoustic and aesthetic design where required.

In addition to manufacturing, we undertake construction, conversion and installation projects where sound is a key consideration.

Examples of Projects We Undertake


Retrofitting of Acoustic Panelling in Schools and Colleges

By effectively controlling reverberation in numerous schools, we have improved pupil’s learning experiences and lowered noise related stress for teachers. Acoustics is recognised as a key concern in modern teaching facilities and the government’s BB93 acoustic design standard for schools is testimony to this fact.

Good acoustics promote learning opportunities and make schools more comfortable, harmonious environments. Poor acoustics are of serious concern and the negative effects can have dramatic consequences. For example, a government backed study on speech intelligibility in schools found that up to 70% of the consonants spoken by teachers cannot be heard by pupils.

Our products carry all the necessary performance and fire safety credentials for use in education facilities. We have lots of experience improving acoustics in classrooms, music facilities, sports facilities, communal spaces and more.

If you are involved with a school that would benefit from our expertise then please contact us for more information.

Upgrading Office Facilities to Optimise Acoustics

The relationship between noise and office productivity levels is well documented. Acoustics have an enormous effect on the experience of employees which directly affects their performance.

“In offices, 70% of employees believed that their productivity would be higher if their environment was less noisy.” – Julian Treasure, Sound Business, 2007

The Danish National Research Center for Working Environment found that in open plan offices 60% of employees cite noise as the single most disturbing factor in the workplace.

An effective office acoustic is conducive to privacy without impeding communication. This minimises disruption and its effect on people’s ability to concentrate. The result is a less stressful environment leading to higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

Installing suitable acoustic panelling solves the vast majority of noise problems in offices, resulting in a quieter workplace. Where privacy must be improved, we may suggest upgrades to the sound proofing performance or the provision of a sound proof room. We may also recommend the installation of a noise masking system to reduce the ability of sound to permeate across the office.

Supplying Acoustic Treatments for Recording Studios

In a recording studio, the quality of your recording and mixdown will only be as good as the acoustics of the room. We are always delighted to hear how dramatically our customer’s results have improved after installing our products.

A properly treated studio will make it easier for you to capture a quality recording and will revolutionise your ability to produce a balanced and inspiring mix.

The room itself is the most significant factor affecting the accuracy of your studio monitors – far more so than the quality of the monitors themselves. All small rooms produce skewed bass response making it impossible to achieve a commercial quality mix. In addition, all too common parallel walls make it difficult to build a coherent stereo image and can mask certain frequencies altogether.

All of this results in more work for your ears and finished music that falls far short of your potential as a recording engineer.

The solution is to install effective acoustic tiles and bass traps such as those in the EQ Spectrum Studio product range. We welcome enquiries about how best to treat a particular room and will help you make the most of your available budget.

For a very straightforward introduction to treating your studio, we recommend you read our Control Room Basics page.