Acoustic Treatment

The acoustics of most rooms distort sound, restricting listening enjoyment and the precision of speaker systems. By absorbing sound reflections and taming resonances, EQ acoustic treatments make spaces more accurate and comfortable to work in.

In larger spaces, acoustic treatment is used to reduce reverberation making it easier to hear clearly and drastically reducing the noise level.

Sound Proofing

Sound Proofing products are used to reduce the amount of noise entering or leaving a room. EQ NoiseBlock products are used every day in the construction and conversion of recording studios, business premises, houses and flats. We recommend you contact us for free sound proofing advice so you can get it right first time and save money.

Speaker Stands And Furniture

Here you’ll find our range of speaker stands and audio related furniture. Many of these items are manufactured for us by Quadraspire, one of the Worlds most respected Hi Fi furniture manufacturers. All these products look fantastic and satisfy the EQ Acoustics criteria for audio performance.

EQ Custom Shop

Despite the wide range of products and options we offer, we understand that sometimes a custom solution is required.

If you require an adjustment to one of our standard products, (such as the size, colour or finish) just contact us and tell us what you need. You’ll be surprised at how little extra it costs to tailor a product to your exact needs.

And our Custom capabilities don’t stop at alterations. We have a wealth of design and fabrication experience with anything from studio furniture to sound proof rooms.

Fixing and Accessories

This category contains fixings, accessories and adhesives for fitting acoustic panels and acoustic foam. These handy products cover the vast majority of scenarios but if you don’t see what you are looking for then please email us your requirements.

Our fixings have been designed primarily with our own products in mind, but can also work well with DIY acoustic treatments and products from other manufacturers.

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