Studio Room Kits

Ideal for recording control rooms, room kits offer a fast way of getting your studio room ready for use. Consisting of acoustic tiles and bass traps these packs make sound choices for you and get your studio monitoring under control. There are three sizes of room kit and they are all optimised for monitoring, but are just as handy for areas where you have microphones, such as recording booths and studio live rooms.

Room Kit S RedRoom Kit L GreyRoom Kit XL Red and Black
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Before you get stuck into room acoustics, make sure you have your monitors set up as symmetrically as possible. Your tweeters should normally be around ear height and the speakers should be angled in to form an equilateral triangle with your ears. If you are serious you’ll have the monitors firing down the length of the room and you’ll be sat about one third of the room length from the wall behind your monitors.

Mount your monitor speakers on a solid surface that cannot easily move and reduce the surface resonance feeding back to the monitors using speaker isolators such as our AirSpace MonPads.

There are three standard sizes of room kit to get your studio room ready for monitoring. Any of the kits can be expanded or reduced to suit your exact requirements.

As you can see you can have any combination of colours in your room kit so feel free to combine Black, Blue, Natural, Grey and Red panels as you see fit. Additional colours and other fabrics, such as our eco-friendly recycled fabric, are available in our Custom Shop.


Spectrum Studio Room Kit S

This room kit is for small recording studios of between 3 square metres and 8 square metres. You’ll find 2x Spectrum Studio Corner Bass Trap to get your nearfield monitors into line; 4x Spectrum Studio Tile 25s to treat the main wall problem areas and 2x Spectrum Studio Cloud 25s to take out the ceiling reflection.

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Spectrum Studio Room Kit L

This kit is ideal for converting a room in your house into a proper studio room. As with the smaller S Room Kit, you get professional bass control with the two full-size Spectrum Studio Corner Bass Traps. Your monitors will really punch with these bass traps and 50mm Studio Tiles will really tidy up the low-mids for even more impact in your mixes.

Flutter echo is eliminated by 2x 50mm Spectrum Studio Tile 50s – one either side of the mix position and 2x 25mm Studio Cloud Tiles above the mix position take out that distorting first reflection that comes at you from the ceiling.

On the back wall the array of four Spectrum Studio Tile 25s will easily soak up any remaining ringing emanating from the back of your room.

This studio room kit is ideal for you if you room measures between 6.5 square metres and 13 square metres.

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Spectrum Studio Room Kit XL

The largest kit of the three, XL can accommodate rooms that measure between 13 square metres and 23 square metres. Bass problems are eliminated by Spectrum Studio Corner Bass Traps and this kit comes with four. Only if you are really serious about mixing will you want to add more bass traps.

On the sidewalls the 4x 50mm Spectrum Studio Tile 50s take all the flutter echo out leaving a big safe haven for you to find your sweet spot. This is area is shaded further by the usual 25mm Studio Cloud Tiles – this time an array of 4 to cope with the larger ceiling area.

The cool looking array on the rear wall is also larger and combines 25mm and 50mm Spectrum Studio Tiles for wide band absorption. As with the Room Kit L your monitors are right in the vicinity of two large Spectrum Studio Tile 50 Ls for maximum punch.

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Room Kit S NaturalRoom Kit L BlackRoom Kit XL Blue
Click on the 3D Flash objects above and spin each studio room kit with your mouse.
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As with all the information we publish on how to set up your studio control room for monitoring, we are always keen to help you make the right decision with first hand advice. Just drop us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll make sure you know exactly how to approach your studio room.