Door Bottom Drop Seal

Product Description

An affordable retro fit drop seal for sealing gaps at the bottom of your door.

Ideal for recording studios, home cinemas, meeting rooms and any other spaces where sound is escaping under the door.

Consists of a lightweight aluminium housing and a light grey silicone seal. The lightweight internal mechanism lowers the seal when the door is closed and raises it when the door is opened. This gives you a high performance acoustic seal without created friction with your floor.

This product is surface mounted to the face of your door. It is very easy to fit and has been tested to provide up to 32dB sound reduction. As with all our seals we recommend using a solid door containing as much mass possible. Ideal choices are solid wood fire doors with no windows.

Ideally used in conjunction with our Door Seal Threshold Plates and our Perimeter Door Seal Kit

8.5mm Deep
40.5mm High
915mm Long

Suitable for doors between 515mm and 915mm

Quantity: 1

Price: £22.99

Product Code: NBDROPSEAL815


Installation Instructions

Installation instructions available on request


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