Spectrum Studio Bass Trap 50 L

Product Description

Professional grade membrane panel bass trap for wall or ceiling mounting.

The next generation of EQ Acoustics Spectrum Bass Traps is here. These new bass traps offer the ultimate combination of performance and value for money. Designed specifically for audio and music rooms, Spectrum Bass Traps treat room mode problems and even out bass response.

There are a total of 3 standard sizes of bass trap in the Spectrum range:

This Bass Trap 50L measures 1150mm x 575mm x 50mm. Click ‘Installation Instructions’ above for a drawing.

Featuring our standard fully encapsulated 65KG/M3 absorber, large surface areas, a front membrane, sealed edges and large rear cavities, the three models provide genuine bass frequency control for just about any type of application.

The membrane layer provides extended low frequency absorption whilst preserving higher frequencies, leaving your space with a natural and balanced sound.

Performance levels by far surpass all foam bass traps and standard glass fibre based products.

5 colours as standard: Red, Blue, Natural, Grey, Black (more colours available on request)

1 item per pack as standard

UK Class 0 / Euro Class B fire rating (suitable for public spaces including schools).

Ideal for Recording Studios, Broadcast, Home Cinema, HiFi Rooms, Voice Over, Music Practice Rooms, Music Classrooms and more.

Price: £59.99

Product Code: EQTRAP50L


Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are available in this PDF

Installation instructions available on request


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