Acoustic Performance Data

If you wish to verify the performance of any of our products you can view our acoustic data. This data can be useful when attempting to accurately adjust the reverberation time of a room. If you don’t see the data you are looking for please contact us and let us know what information you need.


Have a quick browse of our Frequently Asked Questions and drop us an email if there is anything else you need to know.

Acoustics For Audio

This section will teach you about how acoustics can be used to your advantage when you are working with sound. Live rooms can be dealt with with a few simple spot treatments, but a music listening room such as a studio control room requires a straightforward but more scientific approach. All the info we provide is easy to read and apply in your room and we are happy to help with further queries you may have.

Sound Proofing or Acoustics?

The field of acoustics is often misunderstood due to its many complexities. For example, sound proofing a house requires a very different approach to improving the sound quality in a recording studio or designing a home cinema.

DIY and professional projects can yield dissatisfying results due to poor design and installation. Add to this the myriad of misleading information on the Internet and you can see why so many people fail to fulfil their expectations.

The good news is that when you have the right information and products, impressive results are easily achievable and very affordable.

Technical advice from EQ Acoustics is free and extensive. Contact us to discover the best approach for your project or click one of the links above to learn more.